Data Vault 101

Data Vault Architecture Introduction The data vault is typically described as a hybrid of traditional star schema and third-normal-form (3NF) warehouse architectures. The data vault architecture addresses several of shortcomings of 3NF like rigidity and easily breaks with change or hard to add additional data sources. Unlike a star schema design, a data vault architecture normalizes andContinue reading “Data Vault 101”

Azure Synapse vs Snowflake – Which Data Platform is best for you?

Every day we generate 2.5 quintillion bytes. Almost all organizations are placing a high emphasis on building out their technology infrastructure to handle the ever-increasing challenges with data volume, velocity and variety. Now more than ever, companies need a way to collect and consolidate data into a single platform to derive insights quickly and efficiently.Continue reading “Azure Synapse vs Snowflake – Which Data Platform is best for you?”